Product design leadership taking early-stage ideas to great places

Early UX provides upfront design engagements that drive stronger longterm business value for young products, new experiments, and timely pivots.

8+ years design experience

Early-stage UX design, product strategy, growth

Expertise in complexity

B2B/enterprise, financial services, legacy industries

Design culture leadership

Improving the business impact of technical teams

Focus areas

0-1 product design

Hands-on research, strategy, and growth design for new ideas - from stealth startups to innovations within larger orgs.

Early stage design systems

Standardized components and a strategic framework for faster development, happier team collaboration, and stronger usability.

Case studies

0-1 project management

A brand new legal project management solution that became the new nucleus of both the product and the company’s business structure.

Seed stage design system

A foundation for more strategic (and less expensive) product development that brought cohesion to a financial services platform and the EPD team that built it.


"Allison is an incredibly talented product designer. I've had the pleasure of working with many talented designers, but Allison's broad range of skills and practical approach to design is rare. She deeply understands the nuances of great user experience. She has a super practical approach to design, where she's able to deliver solutions at the right level of fidelity and speed necessary to support fast moving teams. Acting as a team of one for the better part of a year, she was able to translate very complex legal workflows into elegantly designed solutions. Her design practices spanned across four cross-functional teams and resulted in us shipping products that transformed our business. Allison is a great team player... It was a pleasure working with Allison and I hope to get to work with her again!"

Chris Szymansky

Cofounder & CTO, Fieldguide

"It's not easy finding talented and reliable designers in Silicon Valley, but we were fortunate to find Allison. She's professional, responsive, curious, and has a growth mindset. She put forth strong solutions on the complex, problem-ridden legal domain almost right away, and made it fun. Definitely a valuable asset to any early stage design team."

Omar Younis

Lead designer, Hightouch

"Allison is a very talented designer, who uses the perfect balance of passion and pragmatism to create simple and purposeful user experiences. She is very deliberate about her decisions, drawing conclusions only after a thorough, empathetic research process. She has a knack for understanding very complicated user workflows, and recognizing redundancies and simplifications across all aspects of the product, ranging from information architecture to button placement and everything in between. She is a natural leader, quick to identify and implement process improvements, always willing to rally up a team, and sets an example for productivity and collaboration. She takes and gives feedback constructively and is always open to opportunities for growth and learning. She is a great asset for any design team!"

Divya Ramachandran

Coach, Product & Design Leader

"I enjoyed working with Allison very much. She is a no-nonsense, laser-focused team player who understands end users’ true needs. She is passionate about and clearheaded on producing designs that are easy and intuitive to use for end users. Complex workflows have become much simpler under her design and guidance. As an engineer, I loved working with her because she effectively helped me understand the challenges our end users faced, and as a result, helped me design and implement better technical solutions. She also took solution feasibility and effort into account when creating her masterpieces. I can not recommend Allison enough; she will be a great teammate to have on any team!"

Kit Tse

Senior software engineer, Roblox

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