Short-term design engagements.

Fractional product design

0-1 product design

Gain a product design lead to integrate smoothly into your existing team. Strategic design work and product guidance for new ideas. Onboarding, discovery research, and iterative prototyping. Testing and iteration through beginning phase(s) of engineering implementation.

Early stage design systems

An artifact and framework for iterative development. A lean design system based on existing product status and immediate development needs. Onboarding, audit, design system and component library design and development process as well as guidance through engineering migration.

Product design jumpstart

Information architecture

Choose an area of focus (navigation, onboarding, single product flow) to be optimized to product design best practices. Outputs include user flow and/or low-mid fidelity mockups.

Usability audit

Heuristic evaluation by an existing product/platform by a seasoned product designer. You will receive an inventory of recommended updates with possible explanatory low fidelity mockup. No custom design solutions.

Design sprint

A fast way to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas. 5-day sprint is bookended by onboarding and an outcomes report.


Follow up after a 3 month contract. Evaluation and recommendations with mockups.

Every project goes through three phases

1. Discovery

2. Strategy

3. Build

Sliding scale pricing

Pricing is project-based and on a sliding scale. Where do you fall? Count the number of relevant attributes below. Contact for a quote.

Your company...

Level 1


Score: 4+

Companies are charged below market.

Level 2


Score: 2-3

Companies are charged low-end market rates.

Level 1


Score: 0-1

Companies are charged standard market rates.

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