Short-term design engagements

Fractional product design

3-6 month retainer

A fully embedded member of your team. Leading design and product efforts, collaborating with team members, managing design stakeholders and any other functions equivalent to in-house.

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2-4 week jumpstart

A lean way to get your idea off the ground. Projects include one-time design and strategy consultations, design sprint facilitation, full proof of concept design, and more.

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Scope of services


Gather and organize rich context to tell a complete and compelling narrative of the vision

Possible deliverables

  • Audit inventory
  • Research summary document
  • Personas
  • Prioritized pain points & insights
  • Competitive landscape report


Shape a shared language of terms, visuals, and scope to achieve full team alignment

Possible deliverables

  • Information architecture documentation
  • Prototype/MVP feature set scope
  • User flows
  • Hypotheses and experimentation strategies
  • Team education on design culture best practices


Strategic, de-risked, and hyper-prioritized experimentation driven by insights, not assumptions

Possible deliverables

  • Wireflows
  • Interactive prototype iterations
  • User testing report
  • Design system
  • Design spec hand-off with video annotations

Follow through

Continuous feedback cycles enable product maturity and growth opportunities

Possible deliverables

  • Onboarding strategy
  • Engagement and retention strategy
  • User testing report
  • Prioritized feature recommendations with risk profiles
  • Visual design management

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